Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why Art Freewrite

I free-wrote with Linda Osodi before her interview.  We free-wrote on the prompt:  why art?
She recites hers in the interview

This is my freewrite reaction to:  why art?

  • Because we can
  • Because we must
  • Because I can’t get through a day without a story or a metaphor
  • Because we are at that level of civilization with a higher functioning brain
  • Because we express
  • Because we can use it to better see ourselves
  • Because we can feel like we belong together
  • Because we’d like to complain
  • Because we want something pretty around the house
  • Because we want to teach and be better
  • Because we want to sing and dance and make a joyful noise
  • Because we know we are going to die
  • Because we want to explore the undiscovered country of our souls
  • Because we want to find where our spirit lives and art gives us clues
  • Because we have to cry and laugh
  • Because we want to prove that time means nothing, that Moliere and Shakespeare and Hardy all speak to me from beyond the grave

When I was nine, I saw Franco Zeffirelli's masterpiece film Romeo and Juliet and I've never been the same.

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